Custody Relocations
The hardest custody cases to win are relocations to another state. Recently, the laws in Nevada on relocations changed and have been interpreted by the judiciary as a heightened burden on the relocating parent.


Do Not Assume You Have A Slam-Dunk Relocation Case.

To win a relocation case you must have a good-faith basis for the relocation and you must prove that the relocation will improve the life of the relocating parent or the child.

This sounds easy, but it is often not. If the non-relocating parent has a significant custodial timeshare, your reason for the relocation and its benefits must outweigh the fact that an involved parent will lose custodial time.

There is no way to maintain joint physical custody with two parents, in different states, of a school-aged child.

Relocation cases require trials and the burden is high. Do not assume you have a slam-dunk relocation case.

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