Practice Areas

Family law covers numerous practice areas as outlined below 


Divorce is when one or both parties decide it is time for the marriage to end. With divorce comes numerous issues such as asset and debt division, retirement division, child custody, child support, and alimony. A good divorce attorney who understands Nevada law matters. 

Child Support

When parties are unmarried but have a child, they need a custody order if they cannot amicably agree on custody. Custody cases can be highly contentious and having an experienced and aggressive custody order can be critical to gaining maximum custody of your child. 

Custody Relocations

Nevada law requires permission from the other parent or the court to relocate with a child outside the State. These cases are legally tricky and can be very difficult. It is very important to have an experienced custody attorney for a relocation case. 

Custody Modification

When there is already a custody order in place and you want to change it, you must seek custody modification by agreement or from the court. 


Alimony is a subset of divorce. When parties divorce, one party might be entitled to alimony from the other party. How much and how long depends on many factors set out in the alimony law. An experienced divorce attorney can evaluate your case, provide a reasonable expectation of alimony, and then fight for your position. 

Premarital Agreements

Otherwise known as prenups. A prenup is when two parties decide to opt out of Nevada state law in the event they divorce and instead choose how their marriage will dissolve. It is similar to how a Will functions. A Will is estate planning, a prenup is divorce planning. Both provide assurances. 

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